CH La Payasita Riki Tiki Kiki, ROM
Born 4/2/01
Died 10-27-18
AKC # TP15791201
DNA # V187091
Microchip 40404C5C70
Championship 10/14/2000
Health Tests: 
CERF #HV-1657
OFA Hips:  Good
Cardiac, Thyroid, Elbows, Patella, Hearing
CHIC # 20916
Link to Pedigree
One of Kiki's first show wins in Columbus, Ohio
"Payasa" means "girl clown" in Spanish. 
My friend, Suzanne McKay of Canada, author of the spectacular "Havanese ABC" web site, made this costume for baby Kiki as well as one for each of her two brothers.
Kiki was the very first YoYo baby and Buster is her Daddy.  She was our second Havanese.
Now one doesn't always take a picture of "Reserve Winner", but this one is very special.  This is a picture of Kiki and Keke - I just couldn't pass up the opportunity.  Judge Keke Kahn.
Kiki earned her ROM in 2006

CH Payasa Double Dove Bar
CH Payasa Kool Klondike Bar
CH Payasa Once U Pop Can't Stop
CH Payasa Oops A Daisy
CH Payasa Dodger At Kameo
CH Payasa Buff and Shine
CH Payasa Wingfield's Secret Fancy
In November 2007, Kiki retired, moved to Georgia, and was joined a few months later by her own grandson.  She remains on our website because she has provided such a great contribution to our breeding program.  Look for photo updates in the "Payasa Pets Galleries".
Kiki was one of the few dogs I let go of after being spayed.  I think her new mother wrote a beautiful note about her.

I'm so very sad to tell you that sweet Kiki has passed.  She was well loved and I really miss her.  Her hearing was bad and vision was pretty impaired, but she would follow Tucker around taking his lead: if he barked, she barked (even though she had no idea what she was barking at and sometimes was even facing the wrong way!).  Regarding her hearing, we weren't absolutely sure how bad it was, but we suspect she used it as an excuse to ignore commands. 

She was so obedient until her hearing "went", then apparently we had a rule-free house for her!  We'd tell her to sit for dinner and she'd stand there and stare at us. The word  "no" didn't exist for her anymore and she loved it!  We have carried her up and down steps for over a year (vision), but she took walks 3-4 times a week and was ok if she could follow Tucker. 

She hasn't had any teeth for about a year, but that also never slowed down her appetite.   She is the most food motivated pup I've ever seen, and never, I mean, never, felt so bad she'd skip a meal.   Her little heart just wore out on her. She was diagnosed with a mummer a few years ago and it just kept getting worse.

I want to thank you for sharing her with me, she had such a beautiful soul, was smart and opinionated and funny and bossy and stubborn, all rolled up into 14 pounds of snuggles.  We have so many great memories and funny stories thanks to Riki Tiki Kiki. I know you loved her, too, even though she was far away in Georgia. Some favorite pictures below, I had a hard time picking just a few...

Kiki with her grandson, Tucker
CH Payasita Riki Tiki Kiki
4-2-01 to 10-27-18
Moved to Georgia when she was 8