Choosing A Breeder

With so many breeders to choose from, it can be difficult to find a good one.  It's best to find a breeder you are comfortable with and then select your puppy.  You should feel comfortable in talking with the breeder long after you take your puppy home, so you will have someone to help you through the puppy growing stages for those times it's not important enough to call the vet, but you really would like some re-assurance about something. 

The internet makes it so much easier to find a puppy than it was many years ago.  Unfortunately, it also makes it easier for those who are just producing puppies to make quick money.  Yes, we all expect to be paid for our puppies, but a good breeder does health testing/screening before breeding, and cares more about the dogs than the money.  A good breeder has a lot more expense involved in raising a puppy than one who does not care.

Anyone can create a beautiful website, show you pictures of cute puppies, and tell you a nice story; you need to be extra careful.  The Havanese Club of America web site has a very nice page on selecting a good breeder.  Many of the National breed clubs also have good advice for the new puppy buyer.  The HCA has a breeder referral person, as do most of the "local" Havanese clubs (also listed on the HCA site).



I have found this site that may be helpful to anyone looking for a puppy.

Please keep in mind that anyone can make a claim on this site, it may, or may not, be true.  Just another tool for you to use in your search for a good puppy.