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The following are some of my favorite links.
Many of these sites have great information on them.
You will find other good breeders, organizations,
and fun Havanese stuff to buy.
I hope they are helpful to you.
The Havanese ABC site - it's just the bestest!!
I recommend this book written by Diane Klumb with Joanne Baldwin, DVM
Written by Havanese owners/breeders, it contains a lot of information that you will not find in any of the "standard" breed books.
It can only be ordered through  {click on the book}
As of June 2007, they now claim to be breeding Havana Silk Dogs.  Keep in mind that they are registered as Havanese.  I disagree with  their position on the HSD, but the book is still good, so I still recommend it.
Mary Anne
It can be purchased on Amazon
Mischief Havanese

Bend, Oregon
Click on the logo above to take this fascinating and informative quiz at the Havanese Rescue, Inc. web site.

While there, visit other places on their site.
The Shopping Center:
Tammy creates the most realistic dogs I have ever seen.  Don't miss her web site! 
McCartney creates dog caricatures of all breeds and on many products, enjoy window shopping!
Shampoos, conditioners, brushes, etc.  Wonderful grooming products from people who actually own Havanese.  They even have suggestions on grooming a Havanese on their site.
My favorite from this company is their PLUM SILKY shampoo.  Many other great products.
This Artist creates any name in the shape of an animal.  My grand- children, as old as 20, really enjoyed these as gifts!
Another Talented Artist.  Shannon made personalized shirts for us that are just fantastic!
click to e-mail Shannon
More nice grooming products
Retired Instructor,
4-H Dog Training
Hancock County, Indiana,

American Kennel Club
Marcosa Havanese
Havanese Club of America
Breeder of Distinction
An excellent grooming book published in late 2008, compiled by the Havanese Fanciers of Canada
A "must-have" if you groom your own Havanese
" target="_blank">
You Tube link for an entertaining video about HSUS.  It tells the truth and everyone needs to know about where the money really goes!

I've gone a little crazy and I am offering some of my sewing/crafts for sale.  Since most of it is dog-related, I decided to add a page to this site.  Drop me an e-mail if you see anything that interests you, or if you want something personalized.

click here for a link to the Hand-Crafted Page

Havanese Color Gallery
an excellent resource!
And don't forget to check out Payasa Havanese Hand-Crafted Items